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FoRedom Ferramentas Pneumáticas

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FoRedom's Angle Grinder Attachment is designed for use with the #30 Handpiece. Can be used to grind, sand, and polish on metal, wood, Pedra, glass, Cerâmicas, bondo and more. This quality-machined, sturdy, and compact device works with 2" and Pequenoer discs and 2" wheels with 3⁄8" arbor holes. 73 piece accessory set is sold separately: Contains comprehensive collection de Abrasivos for metal working.

• Optimum Operated Speed: 10,000 to 15,000 RPM
• Maximum Speed: 18,000 RPM for short intervals
• Measures 31⁄8" long x 21⁄2" at widest, 23⁄4" Depth
• 0.75 to 1 gear Reduction.



Fabricante: Gesswein

Código 30204

Descrição FoRedom Angle Grinder Attachment Bru y Rubio

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