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Angle Surface Air Grinder AG22

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A 120°-angle rotary handpiece for grinding, chamfering, deburring and finishing welds and Grander surface areas. Includes collet chuck with M7 screw shaft for mounting abrasive cup wheels and abrasive discs. Supplied with
air hose, coupler, 30mm cup wheel (60 Grana), ten 30mm PSA discs (60, 100 and 150 Grana), 30mm PSA disc Suporte and changing Ferramenta for cup wheels and PSA disc Suporte. Requires Filter/Regulator-Lubricator (see p. 248). Measures 63⁄8"L x 5⁄8" dia. Weighs 7 oz.
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código 30244 
Descrição Angle Surface Air Grinder AG22
Bru y Rubio

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