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Classic Flex Shaft Drive Di-Profilers, Mark II Version

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The flex shaft driven Di-Prdeiler is the Ferramenta maker’s traditional go-to machine for reciprocating applications. Connects to any standard Gesswein/FoRedom flexible shaft machine except models TXH, TXMH, and H. Can be used for light and heavy duty polishing, filing, honing and lapping jobs. For best results and Reduced vibration, operate between 5,000 and 7,000 RPM with a stroke length between 1-3mm and 1⁄4” chuck capacity. Comes complete with operations guide, rubber sleeve, storage case, wrench and lubricating oil. Adjustable stroke length 0-6mm. 8,000 RPM Maximum. 
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código 30232
Descrição Classic Flex Shaft Drive Di-Profilers, Mark II Version
Bru y Rubio

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