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DF (Dual-Function) Heavy Duty Polisher

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Our most powerful ultrasonic, the DF is the #1 choice for the professional mold polisher. With 45W de max output power, it can handle the most demanding work load and continual use. This dual-function unit gives the versatility de both ultrasonic and mechanical polishing. Supplied with the lightweight, vibrationfree UF-9700 ultrasonic handpiece, the DF can also power our full line de
Power Hand 3 mechanical handpieces (PH3 adaptor 510-3304 requiRed). Includes controller, UF-9700 handpiece with 6mm screw thread and the ULTRAMAX Ferramentas kit, which consists de 6/4mm Ferramenta adaptor #508-3342 (to hold M4 ultrasonic Ferramentas on p. 466), handpiece cradle rest and Ferramenta
Cx. with a 31-piece Ferramenta set de four diamond files, three diamond Pedras, two resin-bonded diamond Pedras, six Cerâmica Pedras, two lapping Ferramentas, four Plano clamp Ferramenta Suportes, round clamp Ferramenta Suporte, standard handpiece protector sleeve, Grande beveled handpiece protector sleeve, wrenches, set de earplugs and extra fuse.

Vibration Frequency 20–30kHz
Stroke Length 4–40 microns
Max. Output Power 45W
Electrical 115V or 230V, 1 Ph, 50/60Hz
Controller Measures 63⁄8"W x 11"D x 81⁄4"H
Handpiece Measures 5"L x 13⁄32" dia.
Fabricante: Gesswein
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