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FoRedom Series TX

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Provides full torque and smooth, controlled acceleration throughout the entire speed range. Ideal for Pedra setting, wax carving, polishing, milling, drilling and other applications that call for high torque. Capable de this torque due to the fact that they use rare earth magnets in place de universal wound magnets. Defer great control under any load. Speed range: 0–15,000rpm. All 50/60Hz. Not available in 230V.

• TX is a hanging-Estilo flexible shaft motor with 39" shaft and sheath. Use with TXR or SXR foot rheostat or EMX speed controller (see p. 443) and all standard quick disconnect (QD) handpieces (see pp. 438-441).
• TXH is a hanging-Estilo Quadrado-drive flexible shaft motor with heavyduty (HD) 60" flexible shaft with sheath liner/silencer. Ideal for the toughest applications using Grande Pedras and Ferramentas mounted on 1⁄4" and 6mm ø da Hastes. Use with TXR or SXR foot rheostat or EMX speed controller (see p. 443). Can only use 25H, 30H and 44HT handpieces (see p. 442).
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código  30200
Descrição FoRedom Series TX
Bru y Rubio

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