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Micromotor Marathon Handy 700

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The Handy 700 system features an advanced controller and a 50,000rpm, 230W brushless rotary handpiece for incRedible power—even at low speeds! Provides ample torque at all times to ensure fast and smooth metal removal. Ideal for a variety de applications, including grinding, finishing and polishing. Use with Power Hand 3 handpieces (see pp. 423, 429-430) for prdeile polishing or belt sanding. System includes Handy 700 controller and BH-60 handpiece with 1⁄8" or 3⁄32" collet, variable-speed foot rheostat (FS60), handpiece cradle rest, detachable handpiece Suporte and replacement fuse. Backed by a two-year handpiece warranty. CE approved.

• IncRedible power—even at low speeds
• Full compatibility with Power Hand 3 brush-type handpieces
• Dial or foot rheostat speed control
• Auto-cruise function for fixed-speed operation with foot rheostat
• Easy-to-read digital speed display for precise speed and torque settings
• Forward/reverse rotation
• Error-checking/troubleshooting system with digital display
• Overload protection

Handy 700 Controller
Electrical: 100–120V, 40W, 50/60Hz
Dimensões: 53⁄8"W x 91⁄16"D x 71⁄16"H
Net Wt.: 6 lbs.
BH-60 Handpiece – Brushless
Speed Range: 1,000–50,000rpm
Max. Power: 230W
Max. Torque: 7.8 N-cm
Collet Tamanho: 1⁄8" or 3⁄32"
Dimensões: 65⁄16"L x 11⁄16" to 3⁄4" dia.
Net Wt.: 8.4 oz.
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código 30181
Descrição Marathon Handy 700 Brushless Micromotor SystemBru y Rubio

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