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Retífica Suhner Swiss

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These grinders achieve maximum power with minimum air consumption. Rigid rotary-vane motors provide exceptional performance and speeds up to 80,000rpm. Excellent for carbide and CBN Ferramentas. Use for milling, grinding, engraving and polishing. Light, well-balanced ergonomic design Reduces operator fatigue. Scratch- resistant insulated plastic housing Reduces noise level and keeps hands warmer. Additional features include precision sealed bearings, rear speed controls and rugged construction for extended heavy-duty use. Choose from slim right-angle or straight grinder with rear speed controls. Both supplied with 1⁄8" collet and wrench. Each requires 1⁄8" NPT coupler and 1⁄4" ID hose (see p. 457 for #850-7323). Use with Filter/Regulator-Lubricator (see p. 248). Right-angle handpiece measures 6 3⁄4"L x 3⁄4" dia. Weighs 7 oz. Straight handpiece measures 6"L x 3⁄4" dia. Weighs 4.2 oz. 
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código 30237
Descrição Suhner Swiss Grinders
Bru y Rubio

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