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Turbo Air Lappers

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Low-vibration, quiet-running, durable reciprocating handpiece with a short stroke. Perfect for polishing ribs, slots and other tight areas. Produces great results with Diamond Poli Files (see pp. 109-110) and Super Cerâmica Pedras (see pp. 468-469). These color coded models are supplied with air hose, coupler, foam sleeve and three Ferramenta Suportes for 1mm to 1⁄8" Plano Ferramentas and 3mm round Ferramentas. Requires Filter/Regulator-Lubricator (see p. 248). UTR-30, measures 77⁄8"L x 1 3⁄32" dia., weighs 6.7 oz. UTR-70, measures 8"L x 1 1⁄8" dia. Weighs 6.7 oz.; UR-120, measures 8 3⁄16"L x 1 3⁄16" dia. Weighs 6.0 oz. 90 day manufacturers warranty. 
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30248 Turbo Air Lappers

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