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UHT (Ushio) Air Grinders

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Quiet running handpieces ideal for many applications, including precision grinding, finishing and polishing. Feature self-lubricating vanes for dependable performance. Unique 1⁄8" fixed collet design provides extra-long ball bearing life and Reduces heat buildup. The Contra-Angle 120° model allows access to hard-to-reach, deep areas. Both defer rear speed control and rear exhaust. Supplied with 5' de 3⁄16" air hose, 1⁄4" NPT coupler, 13" exhaust hose, wrench and pin. Use with Filter/Regulator-Lubricator (see p. 248). Contra-angle handpiece measures 5"L x 5⁄8" dia. Weighs 5 oz. Straight handpiece measures 5 5⁄8"L x 5⁄8" dia. Weighs 4.5 oz. 
Fabricante: Gesswein
Código 30239
Descrição UHT (Ushio) Air Grinders
Bru y Rubio

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